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Charter & S.O.P.

1. Community Leader is an officer, whose primary responsibility is to the Membership.

  • · You listen to complaints and compliments for the entirety of the fleet from Admirals to Cadets. With that said you are Morale Officers.
  • · You are the representatives of the fleet members.
  • · It is up to you to build a rapport with the membership.

2. Star Trek Online Liaisons are here to Monitor the Star Trek Online Lobby and to make sure that the rules of Tactical Fleet Delta are adhered to within the Fleet.

  • · Liaison officer’s secondary purpose is Diplomacy to all members to make sure that all offensive and or aggressive behavior is dealt with in accordance with Tactical Fleet Delta protocols.

3. Recruiting is Ron's baby, if you have an interest in or know someone who has an interest in recruiting have them talk to Rondk.

  • · Be sure that you do not make any promises to anyone in attempts to coerce them in joining Tactical Fleet Delta.
  • · Make sure that all new cadets know and comply with the Rules of Tactical Fleet Delta. This includes 18+, registered on website, Mumble, ect…

4. Mentors are officers within Tactical Fleet Delta that have shown the desire, willingness, and knowledge to help others.

  • · All Mentors can train cadets in the general Game Mechanics.
  • · At no time will it be permissible to interrupt, contradict, or argue with a Mentor who is in the process of coaching another member/cadet. (with this being said if you have an idea or a thought on something then send the mentor a private message.)

· Mentors who specialize in a career specific build are there because they are one of the top performers for that build

(Changes to the STO Charter & S.O.P. are coming to align it with the "NEW" TFD COMMUNITY CHARTER, as Revised 19 May 2013)

Bein' wurked on by Fleet Admiral Carri (26 Aug 13)

Welcome to TFD. The rules and regulations in this policy are to be followed by all members of all ranks. Please read through and understand these following rules designed to protect you and all members of the community.


TFD Gaming is a community based on the simple rules of having fun. We focus on making the community enjoyable and easy to interact with other 'gamers' of a similar play style and mindset. We are spread across many games to meet the needs of all of our members. Our strengths are in our ability to communicate through multiple media outlets and in-game to meet the demands of such a large organization.

Basic rules and guidelines for membership

      A. Tactical Operations Fleet Community (TFD) is an 18+ mature gaming community. All members must meet the age requirement when joining the community


      B. You MUST have voice software(ie. Mumble)


      C. All members need to be registered on the website. When they register on the website


        1. The name used on the website must be similar to the name the member will use in voice program


        2. If you have questions, about your name being similar enough, ask any game leader or your recruiter
      D. We strive to be drama free, and ask that you use wise and mature judgement in your activities.


      E. TFD members wishing to work as an officer need to be a member of the TFD community for 90 days before applying for an Officer position (unless approved by unanimous decision of the community/game leadership).


      F. Inactive accounts will be deleted during roster maintenance and members may re-apply to the guild if they left under amicable circumstances. Final decisions on re-applying to the guild belong to the game leadership (see below).


      G. TFD will require that you are active member of the community.


        1. Two types of activity, game and community activity.


          a. Community; log onto mumble and the website at least once every 90 days


          b. If any account is inactive for > 90 days, member shall be removed from roster


          c. If you decide to become a member of TFD, again, you will follow new member procedures.
        2. Game activity, for regular members, you are required to log in and remain active at least once every 90 days.


          a. If you cannot maintain your activity, please inform a game leader. That is not a reason to put in for a Leave


          of Absence (LOA).


          b. Officers must be login to perform their jobs at least every 14 days, or they will be found derelict in their duties.


            1). If you hold a rank and become inactive your rank will revert to TFD member, and will have another inactivity cycle before removed from the community. You may reapply to the game leader personally in this situation


            2). If you decide to not rejoin the specific game back with TFD, but join another guild or organization, but want to continue to use mumble as a method of communication, this will be allowed, however your Mumble tag will change to reflect your new status.
      H. All members must disclose if they have been members of the TFD community in the past. If this information is withheld, the individual will be subject to disciplinary action and dismissal


      I. If a recruit is a member of a TFD alliance, TFD security will investigate why there is a change in membership, and will hold the right to ask former affiliates on conditions and reason of departure

    J. All new members to TFD in STO will remain as STO cadets for a 60 day probationary period.


II. STO Ranks and Promotion

      A. The Star Trek Online community is always seeking talented individuals who are willing to donate their time to assist in helping in the administration of the fleet’s functions. As such in order to be considered for a game or community job, the individual must have been in the fleet for at least 90 days. (Unless otherwise decided by Admiralty)


      B. If the officer or leader cannot do the job they have undertaken they may be removed by their game leader at the leader’s discretion.


      C. Star Trek Online will have a leader (Fleet Admiral), four assistant game leaders (Admiral), four departments; each of which have their own commanding officer, at least one senior departmental officer (Captain), and one/two junior departmental officer (Commander). The departments can increase in size depending on need for the department’s need. A commanding officer must consult with the main game leader personally to add extra officer slots

NOTE: Emergencies would include members and/or officers violating the Mumble Conduct Policy despite attempts by other officers to control the situation. In emergency situations, contact the highest ranking guild officer on Mumble, if that is not an option; contact a Mumble administrator (other game leader or community leader) to restore order.

NOTE: Depending on the offense committed or the severity of the offense, the Game leader reserves the right to choose whichever punishment is best suited for the situation. The Game leader reserves the right to add or change punishments depending on the nature, repetition of the offense, and overall character of the individual in question.

NOTE: This policy may be changed for severe infractions of individuals deliberately disregarding the TFD code of conduct or rules for voice server.

NOTE: Game and community leadership reserves the right to change, add, or remove punishments for severe or repeated infractions of the TFD code of conduct or rules for voice server.


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